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Our Core Marketing Plans are designed to quickly give you top rankings on Google. With this as the primary objective, we also perform several other important types of marketing such as direct marketing using Facebook, Twitter, email and text messaging. For the higher levels we also build blogs, Facebook fan pages and other custom pages to promote your business. We then create articles for syndication all across the web. By doing so you will reach hundreds if not thousands of customers looking for your products and services.

Our Core Plan
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Level 2
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Level 3
One-Time Setup Fee

This one time setup fee covers us getting you into our system and the interaction necessary to get the information we need to get you off to a great start.

Monthly Price

Our monthly subscriptions do not require a contract and can be cancelled at any time.

Submission to Listing Directories

We submit your company to the top 10 local listing directories as well as Yahoo Local, Bing Local, and Google Places. This ensures customers can find you on search engines, social networks, online Yellow Pages, and mobile/GPS devices

Submission to Listing Aggregators

These are the core sources of data about your company (name, address, phone number), used by the search platforms. If ANY of these have bad data, you risk it overriding other citations you submit and confusing the search engines:

  • infoUSA Express Update
  • Acxiom
  • D&B

Comprehensive Business Verification

Having your business information authenticated by authoritative third party sources will increase publishers' confidence in its accuracy and can lead to faster publication.

High-Level Verification

Add credibility to your listings with high-level verification. Your business will be verified using rigorous checks as to its existence. UBL and its specialist verification partner, Edentify, will deploy multiple verification methods, including those employed by banks and other issuers of credit.

"Verified Business" Seal

You will be able to place a Verified Business seal with your name included on your website and in your emails, providing customers and partners a high degree of confidence that they will be working with a legitimate business.

Email Marketing
Up To 5,000
Up To 10,000
Up To 25,000

Email marketing is core to any local marketing effort. Aside from collecting names and email addresses, this is the most important thing a business can do to bring existing customers back in more often.

Facebook Engagements

Inform potential customers what you are all about and offer them specials and coupons to encourage them to visit you.

Twitter Engine

This is our proprietary twitter marketing platorm. This is an amazing addition to each of our plans providing great exposure to potential customers right around where your business is.

  • Geo-Targeted Friending
  • Multiple Updates
  • Only Current Tweeters
  • Stream of great tweets
  • Coupon Delivery
  • Specials/Promotions
  • Statistical Tracking
  • Click-Thru Tracking
  • And More
Publish Reviews &

We publish your reviews and/or testimonials to all the right places that are picked up by:

  • Google Places
  • Yahoo Local
  • Bing Local
Quicklistings to 15 Major Search Sites

Data aggregator methods are very reliable but they take several weeks to display. They also do not take all the data fields you submit. This provides a method to get faster online visibility on important sites, as well as important additional information about your business.

Presence Analysis

Presence analysis for listing accuracy across the web provides an evaluation and check of where your listings are showing up, along with any conflicts that can be addressed directly by you. (analysis report approx 120 days after submission)

Search & Social Profiles
25 Social Media Profiles
50 Social Media Profiles

Establish and claim ownership of search & social profiles:

Claiming of your listing on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, etc. are considered one of the main actions that helps visibility of listings. It locks ownership of listings to your company, password-protects it and adds all the important information you want to list. This is unanimously recommended by local search experts.

Claim Listing Ownership

Claiming of your listing on sites such as Google is considered one of the main actions that helps visibility of listings. It locks ownership of listings to your company, password-protects it and adds all the important information you want to list. This is unanimously recommended by local search experts. This is different than your Google, Yahoo, and Bing local listings.

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • etc.
Text Messaging Campaign

Text messaging is read in the first 5 minutes of sending 98% of the time. Contact your customers during your slow times to offer specials to come in during these slow times.

Optimize and Maintain

Optimize and maintain listings based on incoming data - (Google Places dashboard and other citation sites)

Maintaining your listings is important for incoming reviews and comments. Any negative comments can be addressed early and resolved.

Facebook Fanpage

Facebook is increasingly a key place where people look for information about businesses, and where people discuss your products and services. Having a presence there with a fan page is an essential tool.

We build you a custom Fan Page that matches your website for a consistant message and look to all of your customers. We will even build you a custom "Like gateway" or "Veil" page offering coupons or specials if they like you. You can have up to 3 Tabs of content on your page if you wish.

Foursquare & Twitter

These social sites are some of the most heavily trafficked on the Web, and are places where buzz about your business can appear. This helps you create a profile and presence where you can monitor and control the conversation.

Manual Fast Submissions

Manual fast submissions & claiming on all the top search sites provides the individual manual attention that a local search expert would provide. Each listing is carefully submitted to maximize visibility.

Blog Site Creation

Creation of blog sites & blog directory postings with deep linking.

Using the profile data you provide, blogs are established on key sites such as Blogger and Wordpress that are known to influence search rankings. Whether you use them for blogging or not, the profiles give your visibility a lift.

Custom Video

Creation of 1 to 3 Minute videos for your business on a regular basis.

Video is rapidly growing in significance on the Web. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google itself. Creating video can be expensive, but our method uses the data you submit, and your Website to create a short descriptive video that achieves the communication and search engine optimization objectives. Other levels of video quality are available.

Video submission

Video submission to top 10 video portals.

Submission of your video to the major video sites provides increased discoverability for your message. Videos are rated by search engines as higher forms of information and are highly valued as credible sources. The videos are submitted with important ranking factors such as links, keywords and descriptions.

Daily Monitoring
& Management

Daily consumer reviews monitoring/management.

Monitoring consumer reviews helps to engage those who like you to post additional positive reviews in other areas, and mitigates negative responses to help resolve them quickly and turn them into happy customers. One bad review can destroy an entire marketing effort.

Channel Management

Social Media Channel Management.

Constant updates show you are active in the comunities and get much higher responses.

  • Facebook (12/mo)
  • Twitter (12/mo)
  • YouTube (monitoring)
  • Friend & Fan Management
Article Syndication

We write and Publish three professional articles each month to be syndicated to over 100 blogs and article direcories.

Publishing articles establishes you as an authority in your industy. When you publish you get respect and greater exposure. This also helps with Search engine rankings. We publish your articles to over 100 industry related blogs and Article directory sites each month..

Wordpress Blog

Blogs are a great way to communicate and educate your customers. They also let the search engines know you are publishing fresh content on a regular basis. This helps with search engine rankings. We will build you a or blog to begin publishing your articles and blogs to.


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