The Guys’ Guy’s Guide To Love

  • The Guys’ Guy’s Guide To Love
  • The Guys’ Guy’s Guide To Love
  • The Guys’ Guy’s Guide To Love
  • The Guys’ Guy’s Guide To Love
  • The Guys’ Guy’s Guide To Love


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Robert Manni

Digital Marketing
Social Media Strategy
Website Consultation
Marketing Premium Development
Video Production

MediaNosh led the digital marketing effort for The Guys’ Guy’s Guide To Love – the debut novel by Robert Manni characterized as Mad Men meets Sex and The City that has a positive message.  We worked together with the PR lead and publisher to create an innovative digital marketing campaign that was highly commercial yet grassroots, and unique for the industry.

We started by creating digital platforms to build buzz pre-launch, using a ‘twitter engine’ and freemium incentives to build targeted followers and Likes on social media that were integrated with the website, then create engaging multi-media content that populated these platforms and encouraged further participation, including book teaser and author interview videos as well as designing banner ads and promo items with QR codes that unlocked excerpts of the book. We built a blog platform for the author to establish him as an authority in the genre, which also became a springboard for the blog tour book launch campaign.

We worked very closely with the PR lead to do outreach to press, reviewers, influencers and bloggers, combined this with an email campaign, targeted paid media, promo campaign and contest in line with the fun, confident and seductive tone of the property that led up to the launch and beyond.  Our banner ads outperformed with CTRs ranging from 0.07% to 0.25% (9x industry average). Our Taxi TV video ads were broadcasted in 6,800 cabs and reached an audience of 4.7m people. MediaNosh was responsible for overall digital strategy and digital marketing campaign including social media page designs and content, Facebook app deployment, blog, email, video, freemium incentives, contests, paid media buys, marketing premium development and design, banner ad design, as well as search and social media optimized integration of these multiple platforms and efforts from ideation through to execution.