Is Anyone REALLY Reading This?: Creating Content for Those “Boring” Industries

July 29, 2015

It’s the question we’ve all asked ourselves as professional marketers and small business owners: is anyone actually reading what we put out there?Is anyone really reading your business's content?

When you’re the head of marketing for an “unpopular” or “boring” industry then, we hate to say, you may have reason to worry.

According to a 2013 survey by Chartbeat, 40% of content isn’t even seen. Surprising? Perhaps not, considering the fast and furious rate of content consumption we see daily. But it is disheartening, particularly for those in industries who may not make the Top 5 Most Interesting list for just about everyone.

So how do you change that? While you can’t necessarily change your brand or switch businesses, chances are you can change how or what you’re offering up to the masses.

Tips for Getting That Engagement You Need

We could probably write a novella with tips on how to make your content more interesting (or at the least easier to engage with). But these are the tips we go to again and again!

1) Ditch the business talk.

Unless you know your audience is going to ‘get’ the jargon then drop it like that proverbial hot potato. Professionalism is founded on solid advice – not on sounding like the dictionary. There are numerous ways to impress your potential clients and customers, including with outstanding customer service, follow through, and high-qualty product.

So ditch the buzzwords and write what you want to say in a way that is clear, concise, and easy to understand.

2) Provide solutions.

We understand that generating topics for those “boring” businesses is difficult. So why not solve a problem?

Whether outlining a solution or providing advice, every business has at least one how-to or FAQ article in them. Remember though, that solutions and advice aren’t limited to just the product or service the business provides.

Think outside of the box! Look at current customers. A car mechanic may offer advice on keeping an engine maintained, but other potential topics could include car waxing tips or even ideas for cooling off hot car interiors during the heat of summer!

3) Relevance is your friend.

Relevance is something you already know, but we’re saying it again anyway because of how easy it is to lose focus.

You don’t need to write about any and all topics to be relevant. Just the ones that your customers actually care about. This requires a bit of research, but chances are you are doing that already (right?). So take advantage of what you know your customers are clicking on.

Need some more inspiration? Check out this marketer’s experience with an insurance company. (It’s point #3!)

Also, don’t be afraid to be specific. Can you write a post encompassing all the fine points of loans? Sure. But few people are going to scroll through a long post about the topic.

Break it up. Not only do you provide quick and easy info for your consumers but you also now have more topics to post on the next time around.

4) It’s a visual world.

If you aren’t aware of the power of visuals then you haven’t read our blog post on the subject. And in this day and age? If you aren’t including visuals then you’re missing out. Particularly since articles with images and video tend to get a 100% scroll through rate.

Fortunately, you’ve got options galore when it comes to visuals. Infographics, videos, graphs, images, memes, etc.

Have a topic you can’t even bring yourself to write about? See if you can work it into a graphic. Not only are more people likely to read it but chances are you’ll find yourself more engaged as well.

Don’t forget the power of lists and statistics as well! People love data, particularly factoids they can pull out to impress later on. Combine the two and you can come up with a winning post.

5) Think in terms of outreach.

Chances are your business has goals as to what they want out of their content marketing campaign. More clients/sales/calls is usually high on the list, for good reason! But no matter what type of business you’re marketing you can’t forget outreach.

Often, “boring” industries find themselves trying to amplify their reach. Sometimes it works. More often than not it doesn’t because amplification easily becomes the sole reason for content.

It’s time to ditch that train of thought. Don’t forget that content is meant to reach your consumers and engage. When you create content that you audience wants chances are they’ll share it with like-minded people

6) Have you laughed today?

Laughter is the best medicine for dry content. People share what engages them and you can bet that humor is one of the most engaging things there is. Whether using an interesting anecdote, a relevant joke, or even just going for shock and awe.

Promote yourself, sure, but don’t forget what makes the most viral content shareable.

There Are No Boring Industries

In the end, remember there are no boring industries. Think of them as challenges and opportunities to try something new and completely different.

There are a thousand other tips out there and we know we’ve only touched on a few here. So you tell us: how do you create content that people want when the industry has a bad rap?

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